Biometric Payment System

Biometric payment system uses biometric authentication to identify the user and authorize the deduction of funds from a bank account. Biometric payment system based on fingerscanning is the most common biometric payment method. Biometric payment system circumvents the limitations of traditional payment systems. Biometric payment system is much safe, secure and easy to use without using any password or secret codes to remember. The current traditional payment systems may inconvenient users as a person has to carry many cards, has to remember their passwords or secret codes and has to keep the cards and secret codes secure at all times. For example, a person may carry credit cards, store cards for shopping, student card for library and many other kinds of cards for other purposes.

Examples of the use of biometric technology in shopping- like any biometric based system, it starts with the registration of users. The shopper registers for biometric payment solutions by presenting a valid ID, bank account information and submit their biometric such as fingerprints for a scan. The biometric system extracts relevant features from the fingerprint and stores in a biometric database. Once the shopper has been registered in the system, he/she has the option of using the biometric payment system rather than using the credit card payment system or cash system. The biometric payment system operates by scanning the shopper’s biometric such as fingerprint, extract relevant biometric data and verify the shopper. If the shopper’s biometric, fingerprint, is authenticated using the biometric identity verification software, access is granted to that customer’s payment account. The system retrieves the customer’s bank account information, credit card details, and the shopping costs get deducted from their balance. The payment process is completed within a matter of seconds without the customer having to worry about looking in their wallet or her purse for cash or trying to cover their fingers as they types in their PIN number.

Biometric payment system makes it faster to complete the transactions, minimizes customer inconveniency as customers are only required to get their biometric scanned and the biometric system does all the work. The customer can not forget their biometric at home.

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